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Kiev is one of the greenest city in the world with many parks, with life, in continuous development, with large shopping centres springing up next to historical sites, and restaurants of every kind. The Dnieper, flows toward the Black Sea. In summer, it offers fishing and sailing; in winter, the saunas along the riverbanks.
Our apartments for rent in Kiev are situated in the centre. 

The main street of Kiev is the Khreshatyk a long boulevard that begins in the Maidan, the Square of Independence and the focal point of the 2004 demonstrations called Orange Revolution. The major artery was lined with tents, where for weeks thousands of young people withstood the rigours of the bitter Ukrainian winter. But the Kreshatyk is largely a shopping street, with elegant boutiques and underground shopping centres. The Maidan Square in Kiev, with colossal monuments from the Soviet era, is dominated by an equally gigantic hotel rising on the hill. It is a reminder that the country became independent only in 1991. On the other side of the Khreshatyk is the Bessarabskij market square, one of the last of the typical Soviet markets, where Kolkosians where authorized to sell a portion of their produce directly. Today, the market is still supplied directly by farmers from the country, selling fruit and vegetables as well as spices, walnuts, fresh cheeses and homemade fruit cheesecakes. 
Just near Bessarabskij market there is the Arena City, the hearth of Kiev nightlife.  Here there are some famous disco as Sky Bar, Mantra, New Decadance (from November 2012), and various pub and cafe'.

Kiev Kreshatik Maidan Square INDEPENDENCE SQUARE Besarabsky Rynok Market Kiev Shopping Centre Mandarin Plaza Kiev Kiev Arenacity

Appartamenti Yalta Our company owns also the site Here you will find many fully serviced rental apartments in Yalta, the pearl of the Black Sea, the most important touristic seaside city in Ukraine, one of the most scenic and beautiful cities of Ukraine. Yalta is situated in the wonderful peninsula of Crimea with a Sub-Mediterranean climate and is located in a pictoresque harbor surrounded by the mountains.
There are many interesting historical places to discover in Yalta and in the outskirts of Yalta. Annually million of tourists visit Yalta and Crimea. leading apartment rental service in Yalta invites you to visit Yalta and to enjoy its athmosphere
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