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Kyiv's sightseeing to-do list is topped by its famous gold-domed churches and cathedrals, magnificent sanctuaries of workship that impress with thier history and art.
Kiev is the mother of all Russian cities, where the Russian nation was born and from which it took its name: Kyevskaya Rus. Founded 1500 years ago, destroyed and rebuilt, is also the city of many church and monastery domes, doors and walls that recall the conversion to Cristianity in 988, the struggle against Mongolian invaders, battles against neightbouring potentates, against the Tartars of the Crimea. The city is among the most picturesque places in Eastern Europe, and many of its monuments have been decleared UNESCO World Heritage Properties.

Kiev St Sophia CathedralYou can visit the Cathedral of Santa Sofia in Kiev, with its allegorical depictions. The interior reflects the medieval model of the universe and the exterior contains the image of the Holy City, the heavenly Jerusalem.

Kiev St Michaels Kiev Just in front of Santa Sofia Cathedral is St. Michael's Cathedral with gold roofs, that was originally built in 1108-1113 by Prince Svyatoslav II. It was later renovated and enlarged in the exuberant Ukrainian Baroque style in the late 17th century, though the interior remained Byzantine. St Michael's cathedral was the second medieval largest church in Kiev. In 1935-1936 the cathedral was demolished by the Bolsheviks due to the construction of the new Ukrainian SSR capital centre, which was not completed. Smaller nearby monastery buildings survived. In 1997-1998 the cathedral and the bell tower were completely rebuilt by the city authorities, and transferred to the Ukrainian Ortodox Church-Kiev Patriarchy.

Church of St. Andrew Italian architects also came to Kiev, summoned to the court of Peter the Great to build the capital on the Baltic that bears his name. The Church of St. Andrew in Kiev is based on a design of Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the architect who designed the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra And of course, the majestic complex of the Pecherskaya Lavra with monastery, cathedrals and underground caverns, the site of the ascetic monastery founded in the 11th century. Discover the gilded domes and green roofs, the icons and frescoes, the richly decorated iconostases in the Orthodox churches that separate the faithful from the priests who administer the Eucharist.

Kiev museum II world war These historic structures have survived, despite the tragic battles of World War II. Towering over the Dnieper today is the statue to the Motherland, in the World War II Museum of Kiev, a female figure 62 metres tall with sword and shield, surrounded by a memorial complex extending over 10 hectares with a display of amounted tanks, cannons and historic and modern aircraft. On the edge of the escarpment above the river is a large commemorative brazier. 
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KIEV-EURO 2012 Sports lovers, don't forget the more prosaic monuments that held the focus of events in Euro 2012. The modern Dynamo and Olympic stadiums were the site of the preliminary soccer heats for the 1980 Olympics. This time, the Olympic hosted the European finals. With its climate, Kiev is also the city of hockey, ice-skating and other winter sports.

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